Why is Digital Marketing So Important for Branding?

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Digital marketing is a fast-evolving industry.

New social media platforms, technologies, algorithms, viral content and platforms are forever changing the face of marketing in a digital world.

Each company must keep up with the digital marketing industry with new, ambitious campaigns—but they need to maintain consistent branding throughout it all to achieve lasting growth.


Business branding is a catchall term that refers to the way your clients, customers and competitors view you. It is the overriding or sum perception of all aspects of your business. From customer service to product quality, every element of your business impacts your branding. In today’s age, much of these perspectives form and grow on digital platforms.

In 2018, the average person in the United States spent over half of their life interacting with digital media. More than 12 hours per day! People are spending more time online each day than they spent asleep each night—and this number continues to grow.

Logically, the best path to reaching your audience and solidifying your brand is digital. Brands that ignore online branding have a slim chance of reaching their audience.

Consider this:

  • If consumers are on digital platforms for 12 hours each day, are asleep for eight hours, and tend to divide the remaining four hours among various daily chores, non-digital brands have a near-zero opportunity to engage most customers.

On the flip side, companies that incorporate effective search engine optimization with good digital branding have a much higher chance of reaching their target audiences.

Consumers Want to Connect Digitally

When consumers are online, they’re often spending their time engaging with the brands they like. Gone are the days where brands could control consumer interaction—the consumer now has the power to seek out brands and interact with them on their own terms.

These days, consumers typically use the internet to research every aspect of a company—including reviews, blogs, websites, social media platforms and other online content—before taking that ever-crucial next step.

Digital branding allows you to ensure your business is visible in a positive light, particularly when potential customers are searching for new products and services. Quality search engine optimization helps to guarantee you will not miss the chance to engage and interest your audience.

The Power of a Digital Presence

A good digital marketing strategy ensure that you have a presence anywhere your customers are when they’re engaged digitally. Apps, blogs, websites, social media platforms, email, television and video sites are all examples of platforms where you can build a presence. To choose not to create a presence on one of these platforms equates to leaving an opening for your competitors.

As a bonus, quality digital marketing and online branding allow you to build a strong presence online—one that can serve as a barrier should online scandal threaten your brand. This barrier not only mitigates immediate damage, but also gives you time to react so you can control the situation. Response time is critical in the age of viral content, and it can be the deciding factor for your brand’s ultimate success or failure.

In short, an excellent digital marketing strategy can protect and grow your brand on the most popular platforms, massively expanding your reach.

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