What to Consider When Rebranding

By May 13, 2020 online branding
What to Consider When Rebranding

Whether it’s refreshing your logo or rethinking your mission statement, tweaking your brand can have lasting consequences for your company.

In a recent post on Business2Community, Marca branding expert Brandon Purdum examines important factors every business owner should consider when building their rebranding strategy, and how to execute a rebrand that empowers success.

Brandon provides detailed answers to the following:

  • What does rebranding mean?
  • Why do companies rebrand themselves?
  • How to rebrand a company
  • What to consider when rebranding
  • To rebrand or not to rebrand: Signs it’s time for a change
Brandon P

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Brandon Purdum manages the content team at Marca Global. His focus is writing informative, engaging content that helps brands improve outreach and achieve their digital marketing goals. He is an avid reader, aspiring novelist and father of a precocious four-year-old.

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