Three Ways To Build an Audience for Your Brand

By April 17, 2019 online branding
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At the heart of any successful business is a loyal brand audience.

And without an online brand that resonates with consumers and compels people to action, your business will fall short of maintaining the audience it needs to survive—much less of retaining the competitive foothold needed to thrive in today’s digital climate.

Building an audience? Start by building your brand.

These days, cultivating a stable, engaged brand audience requires a smart, consistent and proactive digital branding strategy—one that not only builds a stronger online brand, but that continually inspires a high rate of customer engagement.

Building a brand that captivates users and turns clicks into customers begins with:

1. Content

Digital content is what puts your online brand on the map. It’s key to driving online visibility, strengthening authority and showing your customers you mean business.

But not just any content will do. To really build the audience you need to succeed online, it’s important to create blogs, articles, videos, profiles and social media posts that provide visitors real value—that inform, educate and inspire potential customers while making your brand a top resource for industry insight and product expertise.

Well-researched, carefully managed and constantly updated content is crucial to the success of any digital branding campaign, and to ensuring your brand always has a seat at the online table.

2. Engagement

These days, it’s hard to overstate the value of customer engagement. Whether it’s responding to online reviews or sharing updates on Twitter, engaging your audience is key to cultivating the relationships and reputation your business needs to maintain credibility—not to mention your control over the online conversation.

Active, one-on-one engagement lends a personal touch to your online brand that demonstrates the value you place on customer concerns—as well as their time. It also paints your business as one that takes what it does seriously, and shows you will stop at nothing to get things right in the pursuit of customer satisfaction.

When engagement is part of your digital branding approach, you have a golden opportunity to connect with customers on a granular level, gain invaluable insights into customer behavior, and resolve problems before they pose a real threat to your online image.

3. Maintenance

A smart content strategy and ongoing customer engagement are essential, but maintaining a solid online brand requires vigilance—and a commitment to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace.

Digital upkeep and constant brand monitoring are what’s needed to not only to prepare your business for digital threats—online reviews, comment boards and social media crises—but also to stay ahead of the curve, and to make on-the-fly changes to your digital marketing strategy.

Knowing of new online mentions when they occur, updating blogs and managing social media profiles may be a lot of work, but all are key to maintaining the audience and brand awareness your business needs to remain polished—as well as a dominant part of the digital landscape.

We are your online branding resource.

In a crowded online environment, standing out from competitors and connecting with consumers is more challenging than ever. But with the right level of support, insight and technology at your side, you can begin to take control over your own digital destiny—and to build the brand you need to grow your business and your bottom line for years to come.

At Marca Global®, we specialize in outsourced digital marketing solutions customized to fit your business. We provide your marketing team the technology and expertise you need not only to maximize your online impact, but also to position your brand for long-term success.

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