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It’s the digital age, and Google’s constant algorithm updates have changed marketing forever. Publishing relevant, high-quality SEO optimized content is one of the best ways to get noticed by your audience. 

If you’re not familiar, SEO stands for search engine optimization. You can use it as a powerful tool to help people find your website online. 

Why Do You Need SEO Optimized Content?

Search engines like Google use algorithms to decide what each search will show the consumer. If you optimize your content for these algorithms, you’re working toward better search visibility. If it isn’t optimized, you’ll probably find it on page two or beyond. 

In fact, it’s estimated that 95% of searchers never click past the first page of results. Most don’t even scroll to the bottom of the first page! 

Why SEO is a Long-Term Effort 

The idea of an algorithm makes SEO sound simple. As though you could fill your website with SEO optimized content one night and Google’s algorithm would use it to fill the first page by morning. 

Unfortunately, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

There are several reasons why SEO requires a long-term strategy:

  • A simple algorithm guide doesn’t exist. Google might release updates about their changes, but they aren’t going to give you a map that helps you manipulate results. Your content strategy needs to evolve with Google—ideally under the guidance of an expert. 
  • Google’s algorithm favors small modifications over significant redesigns. It’s best to implement SEO optimized content slowly, over time, to avoid taking a hit to your search ranking.

As your website grows traffic and continues putting out quality content, it’ll gain authority on search engines. It’s like compounding interest—the results may be small at first, but eventually, they’ll snowball. 

And the more people that see and link back to your pages (this is known as backlinking, and it’s great for SEO), the more credible your website becomes. 

With each piece of quality SEO optimized content, you’re building a more robust layer of protection around your brand. This “shield” can help minimize the damage of potential negative links while improving your conversion rate. 

In short: be wary of any SEO strategy or Denver marketing company that promises overnight results. 

Is SEO Worth It?

Strong SEO provides a competitive advantage. If your business doesn’t have an effective SEO strategy, you’ll lose customers to competitors quickly. 

The power of SEO doesn’t lie in organic traffic alone. Its full potential comes from the trust it helps build with your customers. 

If you have outdated or harmful links on Google’s front page, customers are less likely to do business with you. But if you have positive links and informative blog posts—those that provide value and position you as an industry leader—consumers are much likelier to be interested in what you offer. 

Benefits of a Long-Term SEO Strategy 

Among professionals, SEO strategies are talked about in terms of months, not days or weeks. It can take years to claim the top-rank on Google, and sometimes even several months to hit the first page—particularly if you have negative links to work around.

Implementing a long-term SEO strategy can yield results, including: 

  • Developing an audience. Every reader your content attracts becomes a new member of your audience, and provides the chance to cultivate brand loyalty. More original content means more new members, which translates into a more significant long-term following.
  • Increasing traffic to your site. The more credibility you gain on search engine rankings, the more people will see your content. New people are exposed to your company and what it offers, and the results compound over time.
  • Building referral traffic. Remember the earlier mention of backlinks? That’s referral traffic. These represent some of the most basic building blocks of good SEO because they come from credible sources that amp up your authority.
  • Enhancing your visibility. As your visibility improves, you’re more likely to see an improvement in revenue. This is what marketing is all about. More people looking at your brand amounts to more people spending money at your firm. 

How to Test Your Company’s Visibility 

If you want to track your brand’s progress, evaluate your website’s visibility before you start your optimized SEO content strategy. Click here to complete an assessment and check your company’s visibility score.

This assessment was developed using years of research and testing from leading Denver SEO company, Reputation Sciences™. You can also use this tool to test your:

A Look at Real Results 

A leading Denver SEO company, Marca Global® has performed several case studies to test and prove that SEO strategies offer tangible benefits to companies and professionals. From suppressing negative search results to increasing traffic by over 350%, the verdict is in: long-term SEO works. 

As we move deeper into the digital age, SEO will become increasingly crucial for businesses. The longer you wait to implement a strategy, the more you’ll have to work against in the future.

Kickstarting your SEO  

If you’re ready to think about your Denver company’s long-term SEO strategy, you’re on the right track. Now the real work begins. It’s time to start learning beginner SEO tips and update your website accordingly. 

The process of learning SEO is also a long-term endeavor because you’re aiming at a moving target. And you’re competing with companies who employ experts. To set the right foundation, prepare to spend your time researching algorithm updates and learning the finer points of content and search optimization. 

A Denver SEO Company You Can Trust

If you don’t have time to perfect this skill, don’t write off developing an SEO optimized content strategy. Many busy business owners find it is more cost-efficient to work with a trained team of SEO professionals from Marca Global®. Our team will handle the strategizing and execution for you, so you can focus on what you do best. 

Get in touch and schedule a consultation with Marca Global® today.

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