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For marketing professionals, failure to address your company’s negative online image is as good as watching the ship sink. 

Unfortunately, even the most strategic marketing campaigns can completely unravel if a company’s online reputation has gone underwater. 

A recent Forbes study found that 97% of business owners believe online reputation management (ORM) is essential to their company’s success.

But while many believe a bad reputation is the end of the road, it is possible for your brand to make a strong comeback—particularly by tying in a comprehensive ORM strategy into your company’s existing marketing plan.


Online Reputation Problems for Marketing Management Teams

Your company’s digital footprint is precious—particularly the impression you make on Google search. 

93% of people who search your business online will never go past the first page. Typically, consumers consider only these first ten results during the decision-making process.

But with an active ORM approach, you can mitigate the impact of a negative online image and help your marketing management team combat a variety of serious reputation-related issues, including:

Decreased sales resulting from negative reviews and a poor web presence.

Broken trust with consumers, which is likely steering them toward your competitors.

The loss of talented prospects due to bad comments on sites like Glassdoor. 

Driving away potential investors and stakeholders who could help your brand succeed.


How ORM Rebuilds Credibility for Your Brand

If your business needs answers quickly to address growing online reputation mishaps, an ORM strategy included in your marketing management efforts can help restore your brand’s credibility by:

  • Identifying how to naturally amplify your positive online presence, including through SEO, social media, and positive online reviews. 
  • Discovering new ways to position you as a thought leader and expert in your industry, such as by creating consistent, high-quality content that spotlights the value you provide (which can also help improve your industry positioning and authority).
  • Focusing on a comprehensive, multi-channeled approach that optimizes the customer experience. 

How SEO Services Can Restore Your Business’s Industry Authority

SEO services are a key element of ORM—a necessary measure to protect and preserve the integrity of your brand while heightening your visibility. When done right, SEO services can help mitigate negative reviews and information while pushing positive, compelling content to the top of search. 

By using relevant keywords that strategically position your brand, an online reputation management campaign ensures positive information will appear first and improve your search engine prominence.

SEO is constantly changing, and requires an up-to-date team focused on best practices to ensure your content is not only aligned with current SEO guidelines, but is also effective positioned as the digital landscape continues to evolve.  

A comprehensive, detailed online reputation management campaign relies heavily on SEO services to support your marketing management and outreach efforts. 

Taking the Next Step

At Marca Global®, we are dedicated to restoring your brand’s integrity. For more information on how ORM can support your marketing management approach, contact us today. 

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