Office Layout Tips for Your Marketing Team

Marketing is key to reaching customers and growing a healthy bottom line.

And if you aren’t providing your marketing team what it needs to perform at its best, you’re not only hurting team productivity, but also your ability to build and sustain a successful business.

Like it or not, this includes the right office layout.

Creativity Begins with the Right Environment

Effective marketing is all about innovation—developing better, more creative ways to get your business traction among your target audience. And an innovative layout could provide the platform your marketing team needs to boost your brand and launch your company to an all-new level.

A few marketing tips for designing a layout that fuels innovation and enhances output includes:

Reducing distractions

Marketing teams that are surrounded by the constant noise of ringing phones, foot traffic and impromptu sales meetings can find it hard to review ideas and concentrate on what’s important. An office layout designed to minimize such distractions can be a godsend for marketing pros who need time and privacy to ideate and develop campaigns that feed your sales funnel.

Suggestions for reducing noise and distraction may include locating your marketing team away from high-traffic areas like elevators, meeting rooms and break areas—as well as dedicating a meeting space or area for marketing use only.

Encouraging movement

Sitting in an office all day can be tiresome for anyone—and particularly trying for those whose job it is to think on their feet and build compelling plans-of-action on a regular basis. Creating an office layout that encourages movement and provides different surroundings can offer opportunities to stretch, improve wellbeing and retain the energy needed to be more productive throughout the day.

Rearranging furniture and office spaces to leave room for longer walkways to bathrooms, conference areas and breakrooms is an easy way to encourage movement. Providing outdoor work areas may also offer a welcome change that helps keep the creative energy flowing.

Inspiring teamwork

When marketing teams have the opportunity to come together and hash out ideas in a friendly, collaborative environment, everybody wins. Providing your marketing pros not only with easy access to comfortable, open meeting rooms, but also the freedom to communicate and collaborate with colleagues without barriers, can be a powerful way to inspire the teamwork needed to enhance brand outreach and impact.

Dedicated marketing meeting areas and policies conducive to open workplace communication (within reason, of course) can unify teams in truly amazing and productive ways.

Supplying expertise

Optimizing your office layout could be one of the best things you do to create a killer marketing team.

But when you provide your pros with the right level of digital marketing insight and expertise, you’re not only working to elevate team performance, but also to build a brand that will conquer the web and compel customers to action for years to come.  

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