Marca Global Founder on Mistakes CEOs and Boards Make During Crises (ColoradoBIZ Magazine)


ColoradoBIZ magazine recently included an article by our founder, Colleen Birdnow Brown, about critical missteps that C-suites and boards commit when their companies are in the throes of an honest-to-goodness reputational crisis.

These are natural reactive responses when the boardroom gets news that years or decades of hard-won brand equity and revenue are suddenly going “Poof!” But these responses can also completely miss:

  • The true marketing, leadership and operational causes of the crisis
  • Best practices for short-term remediation
  • The true opportunity for turning the inflection point into a profitable relaunch of the company on the fly

None of these things are easy to pull off, especially when a company feels besieged.

We thank the staff at ColoradoBIZ for giving us the chance to weigh in and invite your thoughts on best practices for some of a company’s most challenging moments. Do add your two cents in the comments or reach out if you’d like a one-on-one discussion!

Blair Brown

About Blair Brown

Blair Brown is the President & Chief Operating Officer at Marca Global. She has a legal background and provides strategic leadership to establish long-range goals, strategies, plans and policies. Blair is an avid dog and horse lover and when she is not hard at work she is volunteering and fostering for animal rescues.

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