Benefits of Working from Home from a COO

Benefits of Working from Home from a COO

As Chief Operations Officer at Marca Global®, I am proud of our unwavering commitment to the health of our employees, their families and our local community. We continue to abide by a strict work from home policy, ensuring our team stays connected and provides clients the same high level of service throughout and beyond the coronavirus crisis. 

That said, I’d like to take a deeper look at what a remote work policy is and the advantages an efficient process can have for your staff, customers and organization. 

What is a work from home policy?

A work from home policy is any official or informal set of rules, guidelines or procedures defining what is expected from employees who work at home. Such a policy helps establish uniform standards for remote work and personnel, including who is eligible, their responsibilities, who they report to and what their schedule will look like for the duration of their work.

For many, the recent shift from office-based operation to a more remote-centered approach has not been without a hiccup or two. 

But while such a transition can sometimes pose a challenge, working from home can also have some key advantages for your staff and your organization.

Benefits of working from home

Here’s a short breakdown of what a well-executed work from home policy can do for employees, clients and, ultimately, your company.  

Benefits for employees

A solid work from home strategy benefits employees in a variety of ways:

No stressful commute

Working from home takes the morning rush out of the workday equation, eliminating the endless traffic jams, stoplights and commuter snarls that can create undue stress for your staff.

Without the commute, employees are not only free from a significant source of aggravation, but also have valuable extra time to plan their day, connect with colleagues and prepare for projects requiring their undivided attention.

Better work-life balance

Widespread lockdowns and work from home policies have blurred the boundaries between the personal and professional. But they’ve also provided employees a valuable opportunity to spend more time at home and pursue success in each aspect of their lives.

While work-life balance means something different to everyone, working from home can provide employees the additional time and flexibility to reach that essential balance, a key factor in employee happiness, morale and productivity. 

More family time

Working from home means, well, more time at home. And with the current crisis impacting nearly everyone in our lives, it also means even greater opportunity for employees to spend more time with family and strengthen bonds with those that matter most.

Benefits for clients

For clients, working from home offers some key advantages, including:

Greater team flexibility

Remote work policies tend to provide teams greater flexibility when it comes to scheduling and time management. 

With more wiggle room to schedule appointments, answer questions and address customer issues, employees can conduct one-on-ones and deliver solutions faster than ever, ensuring a speedier and more rewarding experience. 

A resource of reliability

In such an unpredictable time, maintaining an effective work from home strategy demonstrates a level of stability and reliability that clients deserve. 

Being able to deliver exceptional service and customer care despite current events doesn’t just highlight a company’s adaptability; it provides clients a reliable outlet for the solutions they need when they need them most. 

A brand to connect with

Having a good work from home process allows you to stay connected with clients no matter what comes your way. It also lends a touch of humanity to your brand, showing clients you’re not only in the same boat as everyone else, but are doing your best to navigate the new economy and make good on your promise of great customer service. 

Benefits for your company

The benefits of working from home go beyond simply keeping your staff in operation. For your business, a good WFH strategy can lead to:

Faster adoption of new technology 

For the most part, recent work from home policies have been implemented out of necessity rather than choice. Still, the need for teams to work remotely has forced many firms to adopt better technologies much faster than they would have otherwise, providing opportunities to improve processes, reduce operational costs and more. 

While there may be bumps along the way, working from home helps turn options into must-haves, making tools like video conferencing tech and project management software essential to operation and advantageous over the long-term. 

Consolidated process timelines

Keeping teams operating efficiently during our new work-from-home paradigm often means consolidating new process timelines, speeding up the implementation of policies and procedures designed to eliminate redundancies, reduce costs and, ultimately, maximize organizational productivity. 

By speeding up the time to learn and implement new processes, working from home is empowering companies to operate smarter and faster than ever.

Forced innovation

They say necessity is the mother of invention. And with so many now working from home, more companies than ever are forced to identify better, more innovative ways to cut costs, optimize team efficiency, and deliver the same high-quality service and experience each client deserves. 

Benefits for everyone

During the coronavirus pandemic, one of the more obvious benefits of working from home is, of course, staying healthy and safe. 

With social distancing guidelines still in effect across much of the country, working remotely is more important than ever, helping to ensure our families, businesses and communities are protected and can return to normal as quickly as possible. 

In a time of unparalleled crisis, exercising caution is paramount. And a good work from policy is currently among the best things a business can do to protect employee welfare.

To learn more about our work from policy and what we are doing to keep employees healthy, safe and productive, call 720-669-7118 or visit Marca Global®.  

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