10 Deadly Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

By May 29, 2019 digital marketing
10 deadly marketing mistakes to avoid

In an ever-changing marketing landscape, building brand awareness and connecting with customers is more challenging than ever.

And with so many marketing channels, platforms and strategies to choose from, your business faces a daunting task when it comes to standing out and growing your bottom line.

Below are ten of the most common marketing mistakes that not only cost businesses time and money, but that can pose a real threat to your brand’s reach, longevity and potential for growth.

1. No Research or Testing Beforehand

Putting time into market research and testing is essential not only to determine the performance of your marketing strategy, but also to refining your efforts to create the most impact with your customers. Without the right amount of due diligence, your campaign is likely hitting a brick wall with your audience.

2. Lack of Value Proposition

What do you offer that your competitors don’t? How are customers singling you out among an endless number of choices? If you aren’t including a unique, clear and consistent selling proposition in every piece of outreach material, your message is getting lost in the noise—one of the most dangerous but avoidable marketing mistakes out there.

3. Failure to Target to Existing Customers

Like any business, most of your revenue stream is supported by existing customers. Failure to consider your current customers in your marketing efforts—ignoring retention marketing—may be alienating a key source of profit, and could be costing your business big time.

4. Not Focusing on Customers’ Needs

Is your marketing centered on fulfilling customers’ actual needs? Being able to identify a genuine need your company can fill—and can do so better than your competitors—is essential to creating a marketing strategy that compels your customers to action.

5. Failing to Create Brand Awareness

Growing your brand’s reach is great. But if you’re failing to cultivate brand awareness and generate an immediate response from your audience, your messaging will fall far short of being effective. Proper focus and positioning help build an image that resonates with your customers in the long term.

6. Not Connecting with Customers

One of the more overlooked but insidious marketing mistakes professionals make is not tailoring messages to the individual customer experience. While you’re probably personalizing your efforts to target specific audiences, you may be missing out on opportunities to create one-on-one messaging that really hits home with individual consumers.

7. Ignoring Marketing Channels

No marketing tips blog would be complete without mentioning the importance of leveraging every marketing channel possible. If you’re marketing team isn’t using every platform available—social media channels, blogs, etc.—to market your brand, you’ll be hard-pressed to stay relevant and create an impact in an ever-evolving digital marketplace.

8. Not Devoting Time to Polishing Your Message

You may be anxious to kickstart your branding and build your outreach. But if you haven’t taken the time to craft your message to fit your strategy and accomplish your goals, you may as well throw your money away. Failure to refine your message in each communication is one of the biggest and costliest mistakes your team can make.

9. Failure to Map Out a Content Strategy

In modern marketing, content is king. And as it turns out, most businesses not only understand this, but actively employ content marketing as part of their overall marketing approach

Unfortunately, many fail to create a content marketing strategy beforehand—that essential content road map that helps keep your brand narrative and content creation efforts on track and in line with your overall goals.

10. Going it Alone

These days, an effective digital marketing strategy is essential to brand development, customer outreach and growing your revenue. But without the right level of insight, support and execution, your “go-it-alone” marketing approach could be missing the mark, failing to get your business the visibility and impact it needs to feed and grow your bottom line.

At Marca Global, our ‘marcating’ experts can provide you the professional-level marketing insight and customized strategy you need to avoid common marketing mistakes—and to help you realize your full profit potential online.

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